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aBOUT us

Our Message:  Keep Battling On...

We understand that everyone has their own battles to fight in life. Here are Sport Battles we want to encourage people whatever their struggle is, that they should not give up and keep battling on. To Keep believing. That tomorrow is going to be better than today but you have to put in the work and have values that develop character to endure the journey to your dreams fruition.    

Our Mission: 

To enable people people to reach their highest ideals as purpose driven members of society.

Our Vision: 

To encourage the idea of stepping in someone else shoes and seeing what they may be battling through for a more understanding world. 

Our Purpose: 

At Sport Battles we try to communicate our message by providing an outlet to live out your own battles in the arena of sports. An arena that encourages sportsmanship, working together in teams, making friends, and reliving whatever stress you may have pent up if it's at the cost of hitting your boss or significant other, as long as everyone gets a good laugh out of it and nobody gets hurt.

Our Values: 

 Camaraderie Sportsmanship |  Strategy |  Discipline Endurance Fun | Teamwork

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