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It's Time to Bubble Battle

3,2,1...Let's Get Ready to Bubble!

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Fill out this contact form with the necessary information, including the name and address of indoor facility that you would like to hold the event. 

To see which indoor  venues we work with, click here! 

Please also include how many players will be at your event and how long you would like to play. We will get back to you shortly to go over the details, answer any further questions you may have and to collect your deposit.

Arrangement Information:


Payment  | A deposit of $50 dollars is required to hold a reservation on the calendar. Payment is required one day prior to the event, unless payment by check on-site (only for pre-approved church/school events ). Payment may be made via Square or via Bank Transfer. If necessary arrangements are not made with the venue  that causes Bubble Battles to leave or be fined, it is the responsibility of the customer to resolve. Gratuity is not required for the referee but is appreciated.

Cancellations  |  We require 48 hr minimum notice to cancel or reschedule an event. The initial deposit is good for 1 calendar year but it is not refundable.

Waivers | Once the initial deposit has been made, the customer will receive waivers that MUST be signed by all participants (or Parents/guardians if under the age of 18). This is required before game play.


It's Time to Bubble Battle!!!

Bubble Battles

Reserve a Time to Play 

* To book on our company outdoor soccer field location for free click here!

Want to talk to someone right now Call or Chat with us on Skype! Just click below:


Other Games/Battles coming soon |

Soon we will be offering other forms of games/battles including but not limited to:

​-Last Man Standing
-Red Rover
​-Sharks & Minnows aka Bulldog
​-Human Bowling

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