The Battle Against Depression

Here at Battle Battles we take fun seriously. There are so many things to bring us down in this world that sometimes it is hard to get up when you fall down. And that is why Bubble Battles has made a commitment to happiness. As part of that commitment, we are fighting against depression. And in that fight we have taken on the Battle-on initiative! The Battle-On Initiative is a campaign to raise awareness about and against depression by selling Battle-On merchandise like wrist bands and bracelets. Majority of the proceeds will be donated to various organizations taking on this worthwhile cause that so many of our youths and adults suffer from.. The rest of the proceeds will go back into the cost of producing the merchandise.

This blog is an open place for anyone and everyone to share their stories of how and what they are battling, Please tell us where you are in your struggle and if and how you plan to or have overcome your struggle through depression.

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